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    Residential Brochure_2020

    ShubinDonaldson (SD) is led by partners Russell Shubin, Robin Donaldson, and Mark Hershman; with offices in Culver City, Santa Barbara, and Orange County and a total staff of 60. We are informed by modernism, craft, and our culture of experimentation. We respond to each client and site (or space) through an investigative design process, mining the tension between real-world constraints and art to excavate each project’s unique opportunities. We have strong interests in materials research and fabrication that amplifies sensory experiences and it is germane to our work.

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    2019 Commercial Interiors Brochure


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    Live + Work

    Live + Work is a visually immersive monograph of the work of Shubin and Donaldson Architects, whose creative commercial spaces and high-end residential projects draw on the complex vernaculars of Southern California's cultures and traditions. Organized around the organic process of practice, the complex genealogy of projects, and the flow of influence, this monograph examines the contemporary conditions by which we live and work, and how those terms are increasingly blended. Visuals of the select projects are supplemented with drawings, sketches, diagrams, interviews, and essays by Thom Mayne and Joseph Giovannini.